What We Do

Psych Support Limited provide psychological assessment, diagnostic assessment, and evidence based behaviour services in the Hamilton and greater Waikato area.  We primarily work with organisations and parents/caregivers of children aged up to 12 years old in the home or education setting.  


Common referrals include:

  • intellectual disability diagnostic assessment

  • ASD diagnostic assessment

  • parenting assessment

  • challenging behaviour assessment and intervention in the home or educational setting


For more detailed information about the services we provide, please see the links below, or contact us here.

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Our Services

Intellectual Disability Diagnosis

An intellectual disability is charaterised by deficits in adaptive behaviour and cognitive functioning, which have been evident during the developmental period. 

Comprehensive Behaviour Assessment

A comprehensive behaviour assessment will help work out why a child is behaving in a particular way.  When we understand why...


We meet with you to discuss your concerns  and provide advice and guidance to...


Once we have completed an assessment we will develop a plan which includes strategies  for parents/caregivers and/or educators...

Psychometric Testing

Sometimes you might want more information to help you understand why your child is having some difficulties, or to...

Education Support

We provide assessment and recommendations for challenging behaviour such as aggression, non-compliance, peer relationships in the education setting.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis

ASD is characterised by deficits in social communication and social interaction across multiple settings and restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviour, interests, or activities.